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Sam Hosgood Sporting Endeavour FundFri, 10th July 2020

Sam Hosgood Sporting Endeavour Fund

The Sam Hosgood Sporting Endeavour Fund


The Sam Hosgood Sporting Endeavour Fund was established by Sam who was the long term Chairman and instigator of these awards. It is awarded annually in September by Sam and the Parish Council to the finest young sportsmen and women in Barkham who compete for their country, to help in a small way with the costs of their training and travelling.

Applications for this award can be accepted from anyone under 18, on the 1 st July of that year from anyone who represents England, in their chosen sport, in international competitions. In addition awards can only be made to applicants who reside permanently in Barkham during the application period. Applications can be made at any time after 1st May and before the 30th of June for consideration of an award in the September.

Although awards for applicants cannot be guaranteed, all applications are looked at seriously if they meet the criteria. It is always remarkable how many children there are who qualify from our small community, so please make sure you apply ASAP.

All applications should be made by contacting  our Clerk, Judith Neuhofer outlining which sport you are involved in, achievements to date, training and competition commitments in the future with likely costs.

Good luck to all applicants as Barkham looks forward to its first Olympic Athlete !


2012 News of this year's award.

We have all been inspired by the success of Team GB this summer at the Olympics and are delighted that we have 2 talented youngsters living in Barkham.  The Parish Council is delighted to be giving small grants from this fund to our talented young people to help with their travel and training.The 2012 award winners are Katie Abrahams and Jacob Payne. See their picture and details below.

Katie Abrahams aged 15 has been trampolining since the age of 6 and trains at the Edgebarrow Trampoline Club, she has competed in many international competitions, achieving second place in the Junior Girls synchro final.  She has also been selected to attend the international training camp in Portugal.

Jacob Payne aged 15 is a new winner of this award, his chosen sport is ice dance and he has just started to complete at an international level.  He has successfully competed in the couples ice dance at national competitions.  He trains 5 mornings a week at Bracknell ice skating rink.

We would like to congratulate these worthy winners.