Barkham Speed Watch

Barkham Speed Watch

What is Speed Watch?

Speeding is one of the factors that most affects the quality of life in communities. It contributes to the severity of road traffic collisions and increases the impact on the lives of people in the community. Community Speed Watch is a traffic monitoring scheme coordinated by Thames Valley Police in partnership with local councils and other stakeholders, but managed and run by neighbourhood teams and community volunteers. Its purpose is to promote speed awareness amongst drivers, it’s important to note this is not a prosecution function.

How it works

Speed Watch can only operate in areas up to a 40 mph speed limit in daylight hours and good weather, typically from April through October. Community Speed Watch volunteers identify vehicles which exceed the speed limit by the statutory ‘10% + 2 mph’. Registration details are entered onto a database by Thames Valley Police which produces a letter informing the registered owner that their vehicle has been noted to have exceeded the speed limit and asking them not to do so in the future. If the same registration number is logged in another Speed Watch anywhere within Thames Valley, the owner will receive another letter advising them that if they are caught a third time, the information will be passed onto Roads Policing, who may take further action.

Barkham Speed Watch

Road safety within Barkham is one of our key priorities and speeding on the roads of Barkham is one of the major concerns expressed by parishioners, so with support from Thames Valley Police this initiative commenced in 2019 by a small number of volunteers. We now would like to invite any new volunteers who would like to help progress further this important initiative, that is aimed at making the parish a safer and more pleasant environment in which to live.

Volunteers must be over 18 years of age and those wishing to also become roadside Event Co-ordinators may need to go through a vetting process and a one-day induction course by Thames Valley Police.

A short video explaining Barkham Speed Watch is available to view here